Dash cam video shows controversial confrontation between LRPD and local reverend

Dash cam video shows controversial confrontation between LRPD and local reverend

Earlier this month, a Little Rock reverend and anti-violence activist accused the Little Rock Police Department of illegally entering his Pine Garden apartment home on Baseline Road with their guns drawn after he called to report of shots fired in the area.

“I am a million percent sure they are out of order…just totally out of order,” said Rev. Benny Johnson.

According to the official police report, when officers initially went to check the area, they didn’t find a shooter nor signs of someone injured. However, they did see Johnson in his apartment window.

The report states officers thought Johnson was holding an object to his head that appeared to be a gun. Dash cam video obtained by KATV shows the exact moment officers feared Johnson had a weapon after one officer yells ‘he has a gun.’

The police report states officers believed Johnson was suicidal and broke through a door to gain entry into the apartment building. It says they then proceeded to ask Johnson if they could enter his home. That's when they learned Johnson had been holding his cell phone and not a gun, but Johnson claims that didn’t stop the officers from entering his apartment with their guns drawn.

LRPD confirms to KATV they had their guns drawn during the incident.

In the dash cam video, you can also hear an officer saying ‘I don’t like this, this is bad.’

Johnson tells KATV he believes police would have handled the incident differently if he was white. Johnson is now hoping the released dash cam video will serve as an example of how Little Rock police officers need additional training.

“We have some that are doing some things they have no business doing…their adrenaline flows and they act before they think,” said Johnson.

LRPD declined to comment on the incident or dash cam video.

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