DCFS Director speaks on claims made by Rep. Harris in 'rehoming' case

Rep. Justin Harris

(April 10, 2015)

For the first time on camera Department of Children and Family Services Director Cecile Blucker speaks out on the 'rehoming' case involving two girls Representative Justin Harris (R-81) had adopted.

It's been a little more than a month since the news broke of Rep. Harris 'rehoming' his two adopted daughters.

On Friday, Channel 7 caught up with Blucker on camera for the first time; asking several questions including: if she felt that DHS had failed those girls.

"Well I think that anytime any unfortunate instance occurs with children, you always look back, but we don't have crystal balls," said Blucker.

Blucker said she couldn't comment on all the allegations made against her by Rep. Harris, but she did refute at least one claim.

"He was not threatened with abandonment charges, often times one of the things that we are seeing is that there are the realities of those who do abandon their children and so how do you tell people about, if you have not done all the things that you need to do to protect your children and try and get them the services, you know that's one thing...but if you just say I'm tired of my child that's another thing," added Blucker.

However, when Channel 7 spoke with Rep. Harris during a phone interview, he continues to blame Blucker and DHS.

"On two different occasions, Cecile Blucker made the threat that we would be charged with abandonment," said Rep. Harris.

While Blucker said she couldn't comment on whether or not she knew the girls had been 'rehomed', but Rep. Harris said she knew.

"I have proof that she knew, that's neither here nor there, but yes she did know where they were at," added Rep. Harris.

Rep. Harris added that the truth will eventually come out and that he has all the proof to back it up.

Channel 7 inquired about when we can expect the truth, he just said soon and that he would be sharing all of his evidence with Channel 7.

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