Death row inmate's victim says closure will only come through execution

The surviving victim of Jack Jones, Lacy Phillips Manor, speaks at his clemency board hearing. (KATV Photo)

Jack Jones Jr. is one of the death row inmates scheduled to be executed Monday. While Jones has filed lawsuits in solidarity with the seven other death row inmates, he told the clemency board that he wants to be executed. He’s been saying the same thing for twenty years: he wants to die.

Jones was convicted of the capital murder and rape of Mary Phillips, and the attempted capital murder of Lacy Phillips.

Lacy spoke at his most recent clemency hearing saying, his death is the only thing that will give her peace: "He admitted to what he did, he needs to pay for it, and my family needs it."

Phillips was just 11-years-old when her life was changed forever: “Now I have an 11 year old daughter. The same age I was when, when mom was taken away from me and my family."

She was here inside this accounting firm when Jack Jones entered, telling Lacy and her mother Mary, he was, “Sorry,” he was, “going to have to rob them.”

He ordered Mary onto the floor where he raped and killed her. He later returned to Lacy and choked her until she passed out.

She awakened when police, thinking she was dead, photographed her for the autopsy.

Lacy says they have waited too long for the execution: "21 years and he's still here. We still have to go through this, we still have to see it, we still have to talk about it."

Jack Jones wrote a letter to the clemency board, at one point addressing Lacy saying, "I'm sorry, not only for what I did but, for you having to come here."

His sister Lynn Scott says that he lives with what he did everyday, and has enormous regret: “My brother is a changed person. It's almost as if prison life has been a blessing.”

In spite of this, she says he does not want to be in prison any longer, and is prepared for the execution: "The thought in his mind of getting a stay, and continuing on… No, no, just no... He's ready."

Once again, Jones has filed lawsuits and joined appeals in solidarity with the seven other death row inmates. His sister says that he wants to make sure that the system is fair. His latest appeal to the 8th circuit has been denied by Judge Kristine Baker.

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