Demonstrators march to the State Capitol in the 40th annual March for Life

Demonstrators march to the State Capitol in the 40th annual March for Life

It's a demonstration that supporters say is for the right to life.

It's a cause that has these people have been supporting for four decades.

"We believe that life begins at conception and that every life is ordained by God," Pam Vidt, a demonstrator, said.

"I believe a mother is a human, the father is human and the baby they conceive is human," Bob Vidt, Pam’s husband, said.

"Just because a law is a law doesn't make it right,” said Deborah McManigal, a demonstrator. “You know, killing a baby is wrong, whether it's inside the womb or out."

It's the 40th annual March for Life, a demonstration that brings hundreds of people from across Arkansas, to stand against women having abortions.

"No one has a right to take that life away except God himself," Pam Vidt said.

"Abortion is a solution but it's the wrong solution,” said Bob Vidt. “There are plenty of other solutions, I think many people believe that's their only option, but that's not true."

Demonstrators holding signs as they walked to the capitol steps, to hear from lawmakers and other pro-life politicians, hoping this will lead to change in the country.

"Why not?” McManigal asked. “I could sit on the couch all afternoon but this is a way to make my voice known."

"We hope that it will change hearts, that it will help people to realize that life is precious and that life is a God given gift," Pam Vidt said.

The march began just after two in the afternoon, with a short rally beginning once everyone reached the capitol steps.

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