Dogs being held in warehouse confiscated from local rescue group worker


Animal control confiscated more than a dozen dogs from a warehouse Thursday, where authorities say they were being held by a woman who works for a local rescue group.

According to a Nathan Hamilton, with the City of North Little Rock, Whitney Ransom was holding 25 dogs - seven of which were pit bulls - in a warehouse type area for a rescue group she works for, Southern Paws Transport.

Back on August 5, the city cited Ransom for having too many dogs and for not having a permit to operate like an animal establishment.

She reportedly pleaded no contest on August 11 to the citations, one of which was for the poor conditions the dogs were being held in

As part of her pleading no contest, she was ordered to have the dogs gone by September 1, including the seven pit bulls, which are banned in North Little Rock.

North Little Rock Animal Control returned to the location those 25 dogs were being held on September 1. They reported the conditions were just as bad, and there were still more than a dozen dogs there.

Authorities confiscated the dogs, and they were taken to the North Little Rock Animal Shelter.

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