Driver blames foggy windshield for hitting Pulaski County teen with car

Curtis Dunlap, 31, was cited with careless driving on Wednesday after striking Jaden Dollarhide, 15, with his Buick LeSabre blaming a foggy windshield for the accident.

A Sheridan High School freshman was taken to the hospital on Wednesday after he was clipped by a car while headed to his aunt's house in order for her to drive him to school.

Aside from minor scrapes and bruises, Jaden Dollarhide, 15, is in relatively good shape now considering he flew over a man's windshield after the man hit him with his car.

"He didn't remember being hit," said LaDonna Dollarhide, Jaden's mother.

Dollarhide said while her son has no recollection of the event, she said she'll have a hard time forgetting seeing her son laying on the side of the road.

"His backpack was thrown, his cinnamon roll - his Coke just thrown," recalled Dollarhide. "He was just simply walking to go to school."

That walk Jaden was making Wednesday morning is a walk he makes to his aunt's house everyday in a neighborhood full of children.

"Just about every house there has kids," said Dollarhide. "They're all either playing or walking to the bus, going to play basketball."

According to a crash incident report, the driver of the Buick LeSabre that hit Jaden was driving with two kids of his own. The driver, Curtis Dunlap, 31, reportedly told officers he couldn't see the kid walking in front of him - the "windshield was foggy but thought he could see enough to take his kids to the bus stop," according to the the report.

"He said the window was fogged," said Dollarhide. "My first question to him was why were you driving with your windows fogged? You have hit my son!"

Pulaski County Sheriff's deputies cited and released Dunlap on a careless or prohibited driving charge, something Dunlap has been charged with before according to available Pulaski County and Little Rock traffic court records.

Dollarhide believes he deserves stiffer charges.

"I know he was going too fast, I saw him fly by the house because I was at the kitchen window when Jaden left," said Dollarhide.

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