Emergency room offers appoint scheduling online

Emergency room offers appoint scheduling online

A trip to the emergency room is never ideal but sometimes necessary.

Well, unlike most emergency rooms, the one up at Conway Regional Health Systems says if it isn't an emergency that needs immediate attention, why wait there?

Instead, just schedule an appointment.

Dr. Michael Fahr says the need was there.

"We realize that the urgent care is not open the entire time and sometimes people have to come to the emergency room with non-emergent complaints," Dr. Fahr said.

But with wait times lasting sometimes hours, Conway Regional decided to implement “InQuicker” which can allow people to make appointments at their E.R.

"This is built more for convenience of the patients to allow them to stay at home and come in right at the end and not have to wait in a crowded emergency room," Dr. Fahr said.

So, say you have a problem that needs medical attention, you go to their website, click on E.R. check in at the top and that'll lead you to a list of times in which you can select to visit a physician.

"If we happen to get a lot of traffic at that time, they may have to wait a little bit longer but usually we do our best to get people back on time," Dr. Fahr said.

Which is beneficial, considering Conway Regional has seen nearly 1,300 flu cases.

"The less exposure you have of people not having the flu to flu people is ideal," said Dr. Fahr.

But he says people suffering from an emergency like a broken bone or a heart attack, don't need to worry about heading to the website.

"If people have that, they don't need to make an appointment, they need to come to the emergency room," Dr. Fahr said.

This was implemented back in July.

In total, roughly 450 people have scheduled an appointment using this technology.

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