Emergency shelters open as temperatures dip below freezing

Emergency shelters open as temperatures dip below freezing

The below freezing temperatures have caused one nonprofit organization to open two emergency overnight shelters.

Usually during the day, the city of Little Rock provides warming centers for those in need but those service don’t extend into the overnight hours, forcing those in need back out into the elements.

“We don’t got nowhere to go at night time,” said Angela Plants, a woman who identified herself as homeless.

On Wednesday, The Van partnered with Second Baptist Church in Little Rock and Levy Church in North Little Rock to provide an overnight shelter.

“I’m thankful and very grateful,” said Preston Hoots, who has been homeless for the last 13 years.

On Tuesday night, The Van had 120 people stay overnight in their shelters due to the cold temperatures.

For more information on the shelters available, you can call The Van at (501) 955-3444.

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