Entergy sending crews to Texas to help restore power

Entergy sending crews to Texas to help restore power (KATV Photo)

Over the last several days, there has been tremendous support from Arkansans as many headed off to help their neighbors in Texas.

Now, Entergy Arkansas crews are joining the effort.

“We have about 90 total traveling from Arkansas to Texas to help out after the hurricane there,” said David Lewis, spokesperson for Entergy.

A 90-man crew with Entergy Arkansas left for Conroe, Texas early Tuesday morning.

“When they get to Conroe, they will receive instruction about where to go from there to restore power to Southeast Texas,” said Lewis.

The Central Arkansas crews will assist Entergy Texas for at least a week to help restore power to more than 27,000 of their customers who have been left in the dark following Hurricane Harvey.

“If they have an issue with an electrical line or a pole or something that is a danger to the public, we will be right behind them to make it safe,” said Cory Culp with Entergy.

In the past, Entergy assisted when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans back in 2005. Now, the power company is hoping prior experience and thorough training will be on their side as they head into Harvey.

“Tree damage, downed power lines, holes in the road, debris picked up by the storm - that’s what we will be getting into,” said Lewis.

Entergy tells KATV they are hoping to have power restored by the weekend for those who can take power.

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