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Faulkner County man who witnessed dog shooting speaks out

Doug Canady (KATV Photo)
Doug Canady (KATV Photo)
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A Faulkner County deputy has been placed on paid administrative leave following an investigation into a disturbing video circulating around social media. In it, the deputy is seen shooting a small dog.

The cell phone video was taken after Faulkner County Sheriff's deputies were called to Doug Canady's property Friday afternoon for a dog complaint. Once they arrived, a deputy threatened to shoot one of the small dogs if it became too aggressive, and he did just that no more than 20 second later.

"To see that little dog get shot for no reason, it wasn't a threat," said Canady.

After the deputy is seen shooting the dog in the face, he approaches Canady with a taser in hand and an argument ensues. Canady then asks for a lawyer. In the video, you can hear him said, "I'm recording you right now. I just recorded you shooting that dog in front of me putting me in danger." The deputy replied with, "No, I didn't, the shot hit the dog, what I aimed at."

Extreme fear raced through Canady's body. He questioned, "What's he going to do to me? Look what he just did to a little bitty dog, and he's chasing me to my front door with a taser. What's going to happen to me?

Reese's survived the shooting but suffered a shattered jaw and is currently under the care of a Little Rock veterinarian. The chihuahua is considered a neighborhood dog, loved by both adults and kids throughout the Shiloh Estates subdivision. One of the neighborhood kids, Myranda Dixson said, "She's a friendly dog. she's sweet. She doesn't bite people."

The news of the shooting was upsetting to those kids who play with Reese's nearly every day.

"I was kind of shocked and sad because the police officers, they usually don't shoot dogs like that. And it was a little dog, so they could just kick it out of the way if it was barking too much," added Laelah Dixon, another neighborhood kid.

The Faulkner County Sheriff's Department released the name of the deputy. He is Keenan Wallace, who is also a K-9 handler. Even though he has been placed on paid administrative leave, Canady is calling for him to be fired.

He said, "That man should not have a badge. That man scared the crap out of me, and I don't scare easy."

According to the Log Cabin Democrat, Deputy Wallace was in an officer-involved shooting back in 2017. No one was hurt in the incident, and prosecutors say he was within his rights.

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There is a Gofundme account set up for Reeses' care. You can find that here.

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