Fans react to the removal of Arkansas AD Jeff Long

Fans react to the removal of Arkansas AD Jeff Long. (KATV)

The news was still hot off the press. Questions swirled. Was long fired? Did he resign? Either way... what triggered the move? As is often the case with talk radio, there were more questions and opinions than answers.

"I think we're making a huge mistake. I'm in shock. And we haven't talked about this. Everybody was worried about who was going to be the next coach. Now we're talking about who is going to be the next AD."

A new show started off with thoughts from former Razorback quarterback Clint Stoerner, followed by more fan reaction.

"Change was needed. Change is good. But in the meantime, I think it is important not to discredit what Jeff Long was able to do and the quality person that he is and moving forward is not a bad thing."

"Long said we would not win at all costs. I'm tired of being the nice guy. It's time to find somebody that'll win."

"If you look at any of the S.I. or ESPN polls about top athletic directors in the country from people that are really objective Long is always at three or four or five."

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