Father meets baby son for the first time


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- As more families are once again united this time of year for the holidays, miracles are also born.

Channel 7 caught up with a new mother at the airport on Christmas Eve, where she, with her two-month-old son, eagerly awaited her husband's arrival to introduce the two for the very first time.

Nastia Kanakares went nearly six months without her husband, Matt Kanakares, who's in the Air Force, as he spent time overseas.

"It's been a rough time away because the ending of the pregnancy, I had to be by myself and now the first two months with the baby, I had to be by myself so it's been tough. I'm really happy that he's coming home," Nastia said.

"It's just been waiting for a couple days with the flight being delayed and stuff. Just glad he'll be home," Matthew Kanakares, Matt's dad, said. Kanakares Senior drove nine hours from Iowa to Little Rock to be there for the reunion.

"Oh, I'm sure he's gonna be all smiles," Matthew added.

For the six months Matt was overseas, Nastia had limited communication with him and even went weeks without talking let alone knowing her husband's whereabouts.

But during that time, the couple's baby was born.

"I'm real thankful he's getting home before Christmas for the baby's first Christmas," Matthew said.

Nastia adds that it wasn't an easy delivery, but well worth it in the end. The new mom, says she's just grateful to be reunited with her husband once again, and see him finally meet his son after a long several months of waiting.

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