Federal judge releases Arkansas lawman on bond

Federal judge releases Arkansas lawman on bond

During today's bond hearing, through the tears, Charles Chastain mouthed the words I’m sorry repeatedly to his family in the crowd.

As he's now facing charges of abusing his power as a law enforcement officer.

"He has been on the law's side for years and years," Wanda Chastain, Charles Chastain’s mother, said.

She walks out of the United States District Court stunned, after hearing federal prosecutors are accusing her son, Charles Chastain, of extortion under color of official right.

This comes after two criminal informants went to the Little Rock FBI office earlier this month, claiming Chastain had been coercing them to commit illegal activities, like stealing an ATV.

According to FBI special agent Aaron Green, who was leading the investigation into Chastain, during the time of the arrest on December 19th, Chastain admitted to accepting the stolen property, along with purchasing illegal guns from an informant.

"He's innocent until proven guilty," Wanda Chastain said.

She says her son has post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in the army, and that it may play a part in his behavior.

Either way, because he has no prior criminal record, Judge Jerome Kearney ruled he could be released, as long as he stays at home with his mother.

"I just can't believe he's guilty of any of these things that they have him charged with and I’m so happy he's going to be able to come home," Chastain said.

Special agent green wrote in his report that when those informants reported Chastain’s activity to the FBI earlier in the month, they gave the bureau recordings and text messages that showed Chastain’s involvement in these crimes.

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