First Lady visits Soaring Wings Ranch


This week Governor Asa Hutchinson has been challenging the faith-based community to step up and help solve some of the state's biggest challenges...including raising up more foster families.

One campus helping to care for these kids had a special visitor today.

We can't show you their faces...but the kids who call Soaring Wings Ranch home were beaming after being given the opportunity to meet Arkansas First Lady Susan Hutchinson.

For many rescued from bad situations...such a meeting was unimaginable not long ago.

"For the's an honor for them to get to meet the First Lady like it is for me," says Andrew Watson, Executive Director of Soaring Wings Ranch. "It's an honor for them to get to meet the First Lady."

Mrs. Hutchinson learned a little about horses...and a lot about life for the kids at Soaring Wings Ranch.

It is just one of many faith-based non-profits in Arkansas working to improve the lives of children.

The first family is working to learn about and bring attention to such ministries. At the same time, they are bringing attention to the need for them.

"That's the crux of his whole that God's people can take care of God's children," says Watson.

"I'd love for people to see how they can help ministries like this or charities like this that reach out to children," says Mrs. Hutchinson. "Look around and see what you can do to brighten a child's life."

With over 4,000 children in DHS custody, there is a severe shortage of foster families in Arkansas.

Soaring Wings Ranch has become a safe place for 24 of those kids right now. The first family is asking you to please consider helping with this crisis.

Air date: August 27th, 2015

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