Five pit bulls stolen from El Dorado dog pound, eight puppies killed in the process

Five pit bulls stolen from El Dorado dog pound, eight puppies killed in the process

Surveillance video shows four people breaking into the compound and taking the dogs.

The Union County Animal Control is hoping you can help track down these suspects.

Charles Hartsell came to work at the Union County Animal Control like any other week.

"We come in early in the morning to clean or feed and check on the dogs," said Hartsell.

But he noticed while inspecting the 30 pens where dogs are kept, one had been broken into.

"See how it's layered right here,” Hartsell said, “where they snipped the wire?"

But it wasn't just one pen, there were four more broken into the night before, with one of them holding more than just one dog.

"We come back over here and that's when we looked here and seen the babies there, laying on the concrete dead," Hartsell said.

In total, five pit bulls were taken that Sunday night, one was a female, who gave birth to eight puppies. None of them survived.

"They pulled her through here and one of the babies was right here and one baby was right there," Hartsell said.

Police are searching for four individuals who broke into the property and stole the dogs.

"There's the head, see his head coming here?" Hartsell asked.

The four were caught on surveillance video taking the pit bulls from the pound.

Hartsell showed us that video and took us around the grounds, showing us where the suspects broke in.

"With bolt cutters, with wire cutters, it's just snip, snip, snip," Hartsell said.

He says getting them on tape, will hopefully lead to finding the people responsible for this crime.

"It's not easy,” Hartsell said, “but I hope we catch them so we can prosecute them."

Hartsell says they plan to add new resources to the pound to further protect its K-9's.

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