FULL AUDIO: 911 recordings in the Naramore hot car death investigation



The 911 recordings in the Naramore hot car death investigation have been released after Judge Sam Bird ordered them to be released Thursday.

Here is the transcript of Naramore's 911 call:

911 dispatcher: 911, state your emergency.
Wade Naramore: I need somebody to come meet me immediately, my son's in the car and
911: Listen to me, where are you located?
Naramore: I am at the intersection of James and Fairoaks, please.
911: James and Fairoaks in the city?
Naramore: Please send somebody immediately, yes.
911: Okay. What's wrong?
Naramore: It's too late! I think he's dead!
911: Let me get you to the city, hang on.
[call transferred to city 911]
Naramore: [audible crying] NO! NO!
City 911: 911?
Naramore: Please get somebody here immediately. I'm at the intersection of James and Fairoaks. My son was left in the car and I think he's...I think he's dead.
911: Hang on, you're at the intersection of James and what?
Naramore: Fairoaks.
911: Fair Oaks?
Naramore: Yes, please, God!
911: Okay, we'll get LifeNet on the line, don't hang up.
Naramore: Thank you. [audible crying]
LifeNet: 911, what's the exact location of your emergency?
Naramore: James and Fairoaks, James and Fairoaks.
LifeNet: Okay, we've got somebody headed there now. We just got a call for it
Naramore: Thank you, thank you.
LifeNet: Stay on the line with me there, okay?
Naramore: Yes, I've got to call my wife. I've got to call my wife.
LifeNet: Okay, where did you say you are at?
Naramore: James and Fairoaks.
LifeNet: James and Fairoaks.
Naramore: Oh God, I've got to call my wife.
911: Sir, what kind of vehicle are you in? [pause] Sir? [pause] I guess he disconnected.
LifeNet: Okay.
911: Hey, what kind of call do you have? Child left in a car?
LifeNet [in background]: What kind of call is it? [to 911] Infant possible death.
911: Alright, James and Fairoaks?
LifeNet: Yes.
911: Thanks.
LifeNet: Alright, thank you. Bye.

Here is the transcript of the 911 call from Naramore's father-in-law:

911 Dispatch: 911, what's the location of your emergency?
Grandfather: 114 Bellaire Loop.
911: Okay. Let me get that address one more time to verify it.
Grandfather: 114 Bellaire Loop.
911: Okay, what is the phone number you're calling from?
Grandfather: It's my cell [redacted]
911: That's what I'm showing on my screen.
Grandfather: Okay.
911: Tell me exactly what happened.
Grandfather: Okay, my wife just called my son-in-law, Judge Naramore he called quick and said "We need an ambulance right away." I don't know if it's their baby or what.
911: Okay
Grandfather: And we're on our way.
911: So you
Grandfather: I don't know any details.
911: You need someone to 114 Bellaire Loop and you don't know what's going on?
Grandfather: No.
911: What's the phone number of where they called you from?
Grandfather: Well, I don't know their phone number. My wife called he called my wife. Okay? And it's our daughter and our son-in-law, okay?
911: Okay. And you don't know anything about what's going on?
Grandfather: No. Something with my grandson.
911: How old is your grandson?
Grandfather: He's about 18 months.
911: 18 months? [pause] Okay, is he awake?
Grandfather: I don't know any details.
911: Okay, I'm just going to go through and ask you a few questions, okay?
Grandfather: Okay.
911: You said it's unknown if he's breathing?
Grandfather: I don't know.
911: Okay. [pause] Does he appear to be completely awake?
Grandfather: I do not know.
911: That's fine. Did you ever hear him talk or cry?
Grandfather: I do not know. It was my son-in-law made the call. Please get an ambulance there at that house.
911: Okay, and that house that they live at is at 114 Bellaire Loop?
Grandfather: Yes.
911: Okay. [pause] Okay, can you direct the emergency crew to them?
Grandfather: Yes.
911: Okay, and are you going to be there?
Grandfather: I'm on my way. No, I will not be there immediately.
911: Okay, I'm sending the paramedics there.
Grandfather: It's right off Bellaire Drive off Malvern Avenue.
911: Bellaire Drive or Bellaire Loop?
Grandfather: Well, it's Bellaire Loop. It's a little loop that's off Bellaire Drive.
911: Okay. Alright, I have them en route to you now.
Grandfather: Thank you, bye.
911: Bye.
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