Garland County resident calls road where juvenile female found shot a dumping zone

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UPDATE (09/14/18) -- Authorities say a vehicle of interest in the shooting has been found and is being processed for evidence.

However, the sheriff's office continues to look for possible leads to develop a suspect or suspects in the case.


ORIGINAL (09/13/18) -- A juvenile female was found shot, lying in the middle of the road near Hot Springs this afternoon. Those responsible are still on the loose.

We don't know much about what exactly happened around noon on a Garland County road, but KATV did speak to a nearby neighbor about what he saw. David Becker was on his way home Thursday afternoon when he came across a crime scene. For about an hour, he wasn't allowed to pass on Housley Point road due to an on-going investigation.

"That's when I was advised there had been a shooting and that we needed to stay out until that had been cleared," said Becker.

According to the Garland County Sheriff's Office, they received a call a little past noon about a juvenile female who had been shot and was lying on the street. The victim was then transported to a local hospital by LifeNet Air.

Housley Point Lane is lined with trees up until you get to that small residential area. Becker says that stretch is a common site for dumping. He said, "We see dumped tires, mattresses, garbage bags from time to time. So, it seems to be an easy place to pull off Amity Road, dump something, and make it on down the road without being noticed."

Becker also says his neighborhood is a relatively quiet one - so the news of the crime didn't sit well.

"It's disconcerting. It's both sad and it makes me thankful that I keep an alarm system on my house, that we do have a good neighborhood watch program that we look out for each other."

KATV spoke to Garland County sheriff Mike McCormick earlier this afternoon. While he refused to go on camera, he did say that the juvenile female is currently in stable condition, and they are actively pursuing leads into who is responsible.

However, there is a vehicle of interest in the case. They're looking for a maroon 2002 Honda CRV with a Arkansas license plate number 649 XFL.

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