Gov. Asa Hutchinson wins Republican nomination, opponent Jan Morgan will not endorse


Incumbent, Gov. Asa Hutchinson walked away with the republican nomination for governor, in the primary elections. He addressed the crowd right after hearing the news, with a speech about optimism moving forward to the election in November.

Gov. Hutchinson explained, this is his 5th statewide campaign, making him well versed and well known among Arkansans. He said, he feels this is big step towards his possible re-election come November.

The day before the primary election, Pres. Donald Trump tweeted out his endorsement for the governor, a point Hutchinson made clear to voters. He said he is probably the only candidate in the country to have been endorsed by both Pres. Reagan, and Pres. Trump.

He also touched on, that for him, this victory was about more than the gubernatorial race, but about the republican party as a whole, "I have said in recent months that this race is not just about the candidate for governor, but this race has also been about the republican party. And I am very pleased, I am very pleased that the republican voters of Arkansas chose hope and optimism for our future," he said.

Running against Gov. Hutchinson was republican gun range owner, Jan Morgan. Morgan conceded the race after hearing the results. She spoke after her defeat and said even though she did not win the nomination, there was still a victory for her, in that she got Arkansans to start paying attention, and engaging with state government.

Morgan has been vocal about not endorsing Gov. Hutchinson, a statement she stands by, "I am not prepared to endorse Asa, you know, the governor would have to prove to me that he is going to follow through with some of the conservative things he has been saying on the campaign trail. It's hard to look at his history the past four years and believe that he is suddenly going to change. Right now, I've heard a lot of talk, what I would have to do, is know that he has heard the people of this state, and he is truly ready to make some changes," Morgan said.

Gov. Hutchinson now looks ahead to the fall, when he will face off against Democrat, Jared Henderson. who won the Democratic primary. Henderson won with 64 percent of the vote to Leticia Sanders’ 36 percent.

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