Hairstylist giving more to homeless than just hair cuts

(KATV Photo)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- A Little Rock man first started giving haircuts to those living on the streets, and now he’s building relationships one act of kindness at a time.

Two weeks ago, Clayton Keith and his team began giving free cuts to the homeless. But he’s learned there’s one thing you can give, and it’ll only cost you your time.

“Just by being out here talking to them, they just thank us,” Keith said.

It’s a simple act of kindness that goes a long way. Keith, spending his time offering to the homeless what most of us take advantage of: company and companionship.

“It really was great to be out here to do this for these people. It was really sad to hear their stories. I have not stopped thinking about any of them since. I love them,” Keith added.

Channel 7 caught up with Keith this afternoon at The Bernice Garden, where he says a lot of the homeless population spend their time. There, Keith was handing out hand-written Christmas cards—each with a special message, showing that someone out there cares.

“It makes me feel really touched and makes me feel really good that people out here in the community care. There are so many people right here in this community that do care,” William Hedrick, who’s been living on the streets for six months now, said. Hedrick was moved to tears when Keith handed him his card.

But remarkably, even with a broken ankle and having been robbed of his ID, Hedrick does not want any help getting back on track—that’s something he says he needs to do on his own.

“I’m not the type of person to just ask somebody for something unless I have something can give back. It belittles me and downgrades me if I have to ask anybody for anything,” Hedrick added.

Hedrick also says he struggles finding places to sleep at night, since most shelters begin charging to stay each night after a certain number of nights.

However, the Salvation Army in Little Rock tells Channel 7 that it allows people to stay as long as they’re working with Social Services and working at getting a job.

Salvation Army is currently housing about 50 people, including children.

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