Health officials investigate reports of blood in food at northwest Arkansas restaurant

Customers at a Rogers restaurant say they found blood in their food (Photo: MGN)

Arkansas health officials are investigating reports that customers at a Rogers restaurant found blood in their food, according to KATV content partner KFSM Channel 5 News.

The Fort Smith TV station reported that a customer at a Pei Wei restaurant at 4895 W. Pauline Whitaker Parkway said she found "some red item" on her bowl of food. She took a closer look and saw that "it was clearly blood." When she went to speak with a restaurant manager, another customer approached and said her granddaughter had eaten blood, the TV station reported.

The manager reportedly told the customers that a chef had cut himself while preparing food. He offered to return their money. He also told employees to put on gloves.

The Arkansas Department of Health said at least one person had filed a complaint against the restaurant. Health officials inspected the restaurant Monday and found two health code violations that have since been corrected.

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