Holiday Grinches in Sherwood: three homes get Christmas decorations vandalized

Holiday Grinch's in Sherwood: three homes get Christmas decorations vandalized

This would be the last thing you want during the holidays.

You've finished decorating, are getting ready for Christmas Day, and you wake up to your decorations ruined.

It normally happens around two to three times a year.

"Basically, it's either vandalism or theft of Christmas decorations," Sergeant John Murphy, Sherwood Police, said.

But Sunday night, the Grinch came to Sherwood.

"They destroyed or stomped on some Christmas lights," Sgt. Murphy said.

If you look at this Facebook video posted on Monday to Sherwood Police's Neighborhood Watch, you see from a neighbor's home security camera what appears to be two people getting out of a car and smashing Christmas lights on Coolhurst Road.

"A lot of it occurs, either late at night, or early in the morning,” Sgt. Murphy said. “Kind of in the same time line that breaking into vehicles occurs."

This wasn't the only house affected, the one next door had some bulbs bashed, and a house down the street had an inflatable figure torn.

"Obviously if you have porch lights or stuff on it kind of detracts from the decorations but the more lights that are on in an area it tends to detour people from either stealing or destroying them," Sgt. Murphy said.

We tried speaking to the affected neighbors, but they didn't want to speak to us on camera, but it was apparent there was frustration over their damaged property.

"People spend a lot of time trying to decorate for the holidays, they're proud of the way their houses look and it's aggravating to have someone come bay and either steal them or tear up what they've done," Sgt. Murphy said.

Sherwood Police say to be sure to tether down your lights and make sure that it's difficult for people to pull them off your home and destroy them.

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