Hot Springs city manager resigns after racial accusation


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (KATV) -- Former Hot Springs City Manager David Frasher resigned Tuesday evening after board members reviewed his performance in an executive session meeting.

The decision, according to Mayor Pat McCabe, stems from racial accusations made against Frasher. Deputy Superintendent for the Hot Springs School District Lloyd Jackson says Frasher made a comment to him that he felt had racial undertones.

The incident happened on June 7th at a community pool in the Red Oak Ridge Subdivision, a neighborhood where both Frasher and Jackson live.

Jackson tells KATV he and his wife were at the pool among a group of other people when Frasher yelled, "You don't live here!"

"I felt like the only purpose behind the comment was because we were black," Jackson explained.

KATV reached out to Frasher, but were told he would not make any comments on the matter. However, Frasher did release a statement providing his side of the story. In it, he says he saw a string of cars he didn't recognize that day at the pool and indeed said, "You don't live here!"

One of the cars that passed by after Frasher made his comment, turned out to be occupied by the Jacksons. Frasher's statement goes on to say that the Jacksons later returned to confront him at the pool. He says he immediately apologized to the Jacksons, and that both parties could have handled the situation better.

While Jackson says he doesn't seek any action to be taken by city leaders, he says he just wants the public to be aware of such an incident involving a city leader.

“My goal when I left that was to share with our city, here’s the encounter I had with our city manager. I wanted to make sure that was documented in case any other incidents have occurred beyond this or in the past," Jackson said.

But Tuesday evening's city council meeting ended in Frasher's resignation as City Manager, effective immediately.

"He recognized that the error he made the other day was going to make it very difficult for him to manage effectively, and for us to persue the goals of the city and our strategic plan, he felt it was best to step aside," Hot Springs Mayor Pat McCabe said.

Deputy City Manager Bill Burrough will take over as Interim City Manager of Hot Springs, McCabe says.

Frasher had previously been City Manager of Oregon City back in 2010. A letter from the current city manager, Anthony Konkol, says Frasher was placed on administrative leave following a complaint made against him for racist statements. However, an investigator determined those allegations were not sustained, according to the letter. The letter by Konkol also says Frasher was fired, but not for racist remarks-- but instead, for an impaired relationship with the commission.

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