How the legislative session could affect you and your family

Arkansas lawmakers have convened for the 91st General Assembly. (KATV photo)

Lawmakers gathered at the Capitol Monday to kick off the 91st General Assembly and start passing bills. Here are some issues and proposals that could affect you and your family.


-Military retirement income tax exemption for all retired military.

-A low income tax cut that would be for those making less than $21,000 a year. The tax cut would affect 657,000 Arkansans and would cost $50.5 million.


-Bill would prohibit electronic devices in schools. Must be deposited and picked up at the end of the day.

-Bill would require new school buses purchased to have seat belts. Makes provision for at least 10 percent of district to petition for school bus seat belts & vote on tax.

-ArFuture Grant would cover the full cost of tuition for any two-year college. The student would have to go into a high demand field of study and work in Arkansas three years.


-Governor Asa Hutchinson says he is asking the Trump administration for more waivers on Medicaid expansion. One waiver he is seeking is a work requirement for those on Medicaid expansion. While he's asked lawmakers to leave it alone, lawmakers could take action depending on what the Trump administration decides on the Affordable Care Act.


-Bill requiring Arkansas voters to show an ID.

-Bill would automatically register drivers license holders to vote unless someone opts out.


-Bill would allow employees to bring their concealed carry onto their employer's property. Employee would have to leave gun in car.

-Bill would create a "Second Amendment Weekend" allowing for a tax-free holiday on gun sales.


-Bill would require those on SNAP benefits to purchase nutritional food. No junk food allowed.

-Bill would prohibit cities from being sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants.

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