Impact-resistant doors added to Conway High School lobby


CONWAY, Ark. (KATV) -- With the first week of school complete, Conway Public Schools is taking extra steps when it comes to safety.

The district has added extra sets of doors to lobbies of the high school, middle, and elementary schools.

Visitors at Conway High School will now have to be buzzed in, along with providing their ID and getting a background check run before entering the high school.

"For the last few years we've really talked about creating layers of protection for the kids," Director of Support Services Jason Lawrence said.

He's talking physical layers of protection, too. Just a week ago, a new set of doors in the high school lobby were installed, requiring anyone entering to be buzzed in.

"We started off with Ida Burns Elementary and we renovated it. Then we also did the same thing at Jim Stone this summer when we renovated [it]," Lawrence noted.

Lawrence adding that nowadays it's no longer just education that's at the top of the list, but safety, too. The students, Lawrence says, are aware of this.

"I think they see more now. They're not as sheltered as we were whenever I was a kid," he said.

Additionally, impact-resistant film will be added to the glass doors next week.

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