Inside the Storm 4.16.18

(Photo courtesy: Live Storms Media)

Cleanup continues for many Southern states after a round of severe thunderstorms while the North U.S. digs out of record snowfall.

A tornado devastated the small, northern Louisiana community of Calhoun. Several structures sustained heavy damage Friday night and trees were snapped in half. The National Weather Service says a 2-year-old was killed by a tornado just southwest of Shreveport. This is the third tornado fatality this year in the United States.

Look at this incredible video of a waterspout making landfall along the Mississippi coastline. As it becomes a tornado in front of these storm chasers, you can see several small tornadoes spinning around the main circulation. No injuries were reported.

The same storm system brought record snow along the north side of its track. Green Bay, Wisconsin, is digging out of a foot of record snow. This heavy, wet spring snow proved difficult to maneuver for those who are typically used to driving in winter weather.

It wasn't heavy snow causing power outages in Michigan. An ice storm coated trees and power lines in this rare April ice storm. Old Man Winter continues to stay strong across much of the Northern U.S.

Video courtesy: Live Storms Media

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