Inside the Storm 4.23.18

Inside the Storm 4.23.18. (Live Storms Media)

Saturday turned severe in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

Large hail pounded and winds exceeded 50 miles per hour. Traffic along Interstate 20 slowed to a crawl due to heavy rain reducing visibility.

Before hitting Dallas Fort Worth Saturday evening, the storm developed just west over the city of Graford with large hail.

Look at this incredible drone video of a developing supercell thunderstorm and later this large shelf cloud. Shelf clouds form along the leading edge of a storm and are commonly mistaken for wall clouds.

These bulging clouds are known as mammatus. They look ominous, but are harmless. However, they do indicate storms are not far away. These clouds were seen near Cleburne, Texas.

Hail becomes "severe" once it reaches one inch or larger. These stones measured up to one and half inches late Saturday near Midlothian, Texas. As the sun set, the storms began to decrease.

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