John Thurston takes seat as Secretary of State

John Thurston (Photo courtesy:

Talk Business and Politics projects Republican John Thurston has been elected as Arkansas' Secretary of State.

With 99 percent of the precincts reporting, unofficial numbers showed Thurston leading with 61 percent of the vote, followed by Democratic candidate Susan Inman with 36 percent and Libertarian Christopher Olson with 3 percent of the vote.

Thurston, who is currently serving his second term as Commissioner of State Lands, says he will work with county and state election officials to ensure fair and accurate voting, will observe honest and ethical practices in redistricting so that every Arkansan’s voice is heard, and will maintain the State Capitol grounds and ensure security for all who visit our historic building.

“The single most important part of a republic is voting. The next Secretary of State will be instrumental in redistricting, and I hope to play a role in drawing lines that are fair and logical for the voters. I think gerrymandering is insulting to the public.”

Thurston lives in Saline County with his wife and five children.

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