Johnny Cash’s sister returns to their childhood home, takes visitors on ‘bittersweet’ tour

Joanne Cash stands in a room she shared with three other siblings, including her brother Johnny Cash. (Photo courtesy: Talk Business and Politics)

(TALK BUSINESS & POLITICS) -- Long, barren row crop fields surround the tiny house that sits down a gravel road more than two miles long. A few tractors milled in the fields, as the sun peered through the clouds.

A Talk Business & Politics reporter decided on Friday (Oct. 20) to take a quick peek inside the house, the childhood home of musician Johnny Cash. A few red wasps buzzed around the edges. Security guards obliged the request. There was a tour guide and a couple of photographers milling inside the home.

Suddenly, a van appeared in the driveway. Several people, including a woman and a teacup Schnauzer climbed out of the van. The reporter petted the dog, and said hello to the woman.

“I’m Joanne Cash … I’m Johnny Cash’s sister,” she said.

Joanne Cash tenderly walked into the her family’s home place. The tour guide decided to take a break, and let Joanne tell her family story. As she entered the doorway, the first thing she noticed was the piano she used to play with her mother, Carrie. Often they played while Johnny sang she. As she spoke, she suddenly noticed the original floor linoleum, uncovered when the house was restored.

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