Juvenile escapes from Arkansas detention center, still on the loose

14-year-old Keaton McGee (Submitted by Tiffany Patton)

Bryant Police are searching for a juvenile who escaped from the a state youth detention center in Alexander on Sunday. Although, the investigation into the escape didn't officially start until Wednesday morning.

14-year-old Keaton McGee got out shortly after 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon by climbing on top of a low roof and scaling over the razor-wire fence. Bryant Police Department Sergeant Todd Crowson said, "We worked with state police that night. State police was there as well. They brought out K-9s to help search for the subject and obviously he wasn't found. He's still out and about."

But since then, no one had been looking for McGee until now. Sergeant Crowson blames miscommunication between departments on who was going to take over. He said, "State [Police] apparently thought we were going to do it. We thought state was going to do it because typically they would handle something like this." But Bryant PD decided to take the lead anyway.

However, that doesn't ease the pain of his mother who has gotten zero information from the Department of Youth Services. "I haven't gotten any missed calls saying they'll call me back with more clues and tips. It's like dead ends. It has become a nightmare. It's a nightmare," said Tiffany Patton. She says she just wants her son to be safe and get the help he desperately needs, adding, "I want him to come home. I want him to know that we love him. I have to turn him over to the authorities, but it's because he belongs to the courts right now."

According to his mother, Mcgee was in the detention facility for revoked probation on a breaking and entering charge because of a fight at Bryant High School.

For any information on his whereabouts, call the Bryant Police Department at 501-943-0943.

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