Lake Ouachita marina warns dangers of electric shock drowning

Marina on Lake Ouchita warns dangers of electric shock drowning and gives advice on how to keep families safe. (Photo KATV)

If you're planning to hit the the pool or lake soon, there's something you should know before diving in the water.

Electric shock drowning is an invisible danger in the water and can be deadly. We're on your side with ways to keep your family safe from it.

"You can't see it, it's invisible. You don't know its there until you're in it," Todd Gadberry, harbor master at Mountain Harbor Marina on Lake Ouachita, said.

Electric shock drowning comes from a current from a short in wiring usually in a dock, marina or spread that spreads through the water. If someone jumps into that water, their muscles are paralyzed and they can't move.

"Electric shock drowning is a preventable accident," Gadberry said. He said they have certified master electricians check all of their wiring. He also hangs no swimming signs around the marina.

"If I'm on the dock and see someone swimming, I politely and firmly go remind them of the danger involved in swimming around the dock," Gadberry said.

While he makes sure the marina water is safe, Gadberry told Channel 7 he believes electric shock drowning isn't talked about enough.

We asked some families at the lake if they've ever heard of it.

"Have you ever heard of electric shock drowning," Stacey Spivey, reporter, asked.

"No, no, I haven't," Desiree Lorusso and Elaine Fletcher said.

Mark Ramiro and Aldrin Visaya also shook their heads no when asked the same question. However, all four said they'd be making some changes to their lake trips when it comes to swimming near docks and marinas.

"I probably won't let them from now on," Ramiro said about swimming near docks.

"Wherever we're docked or near a marina, make sure we're getting in our boat and not hanging around in the water in areas like this where there's electricity," Lorusso said.

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