Lawmakers release statements on State of the Union Address

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    Arkansas lawmakers have released the below statement following President Donald J. Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night.

    Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

    “President Trump’s State of the Union address was an inspiring message setting the course for a productive and prosperous year in the United States. The President demonstrated his determination to enhance the quality of life for all Americans while recognizing the extraordinary level of bipartisanship that will be necessary. America’s priorities must be aligned to stop the humanitarian crisis at the border, stop the over-regulation of our small businesses, ensure a sound infrastructure across the country and lower the cost of quality healthcare and prescription medications. I applaud President Trump for his optimistic view of America as he encouraged us to all work together and choose greatness.”

    Congressman Bruce Westerman

    “President Trump’s address reminded us of the challenges America has overcome in the past, and the new solutions and extraordinary promise that await us in the future. Under the Trump administration our nation has seen a thriving economy, thousands of jobs created, strong efforts for immigration reform and effective mechanisms to lower drug costs. Tonight, the president set a clear agenda for the upcoming year. I look forward to choosing greatness in 2019, and am hopeful that Congress can pursue bipartisan efforts to achieve these goals.”

    Congressman French Hill

    "Arkansans have always been able to achieve greatness when we choose to focus on what unites us instead of what divides us. Tonight, I was encouraged by the president's comments calling on all Americans to choose unity over division.

    "Over the past two years, we've seen record-breaking economic growth that has created more jobs and higher wages for hard-working Arkansas families. The president’s vision for the future includes important priorities that build on the past successes we achieved in the last Congress. We will continue to lower prescription drug costs, revitalize economically distressed communities by expanding ‘Opportunity Zones,’ and empower our agriculture industry with new trade deals that protect Arkansas farmers.

    "These are bipartisan goals that are widely agreed upon by an overwhelming majority of Americans. I look forward to working with all of my colleagues, and the president, on delivering results that will continue to build a stronger, safer, and more prosperous Arkansas."

    Senator Tom Cotton

    “Tonight the president presented a constructive plan to address the most critical challenges our nation faces. Congress ought to act on his plan, especially his urgent call to solve the border crisis, which still allows a rapid flow of drugs and illegal aliens into our country. A physical barrier—which Democrats have supported in the past—remains an obvious, common-sense part of border security. And Congress should respond to his call to ban late-term abortions, a reform strongly supported by the American people. I also was pleased to hear the president’s commitment to confront soaring prescription drug prices, which have hit Arkansas seniors and those with chronic medical conditions especially hard. Finally, the president should be commended for his leadership in calling for the ouster of Nicolás Maduro, whose socialist policies have immiserated his country and its citizens. After tonight, there can be no doubt that the Free World stands with Juan Guaidó and the people of Venezuela.”

    Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb

    “Democrats were noticeably uncomfortable in the chamber as the President spoke past them and directly to millions of Americans. Meanwhile, Arkansans who watched the State of the Union Address at home quietly celebrated President Trump’s actionable character and sensible appeal to tackle the most difficult issues we face as a nation.

    Tonight, he accomplished what his opposition fears most, a reignited national dialogue on important issues such as lowering healthcare costs and rational immigration policy. These problems are not going away until Democrats decide to join our President and Republicans to figure out what are the best and safest solutions for our country.“

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