Levee breaches in Humnoke causing flood damage in about 15 homes

Levee breaches in Humnoke causing flood damage in about 15 homes

Humnoke has about 300 people in it and many of them were surprised to find water inside and surrounding their homes.

Carla Richard has never seen her neighborhood like this.

"This is the worst that I could remember," she said.

Her house has become an island, after a levee breached on the east side of Humnoke, flooding about 10 to 15 homes.

"We're affected bad, first time," Richard said.

Richard's home is one of the lucky ones, sitting on top of a little hill to avoid potential flooding.

But all around it, those residents aren't as lucky.

"There's people telling me that in 85 years they've never seen it this high," Doug Erwin, a judge in Lonoke County, said.

Erwin says the immense amount of rainfall in the last couple weeks, which caused the levee to breach.

"This is a historic flood,” he said, “I mean, the rain we've had, it's just unfortunate for the people here."

Lonoke county workers and people in town began helping immediately, filling up sandbags to help save as many homes as possible from potential flood damage.

At the same time, a pump, taking out 10,000 gallons a minute, powers through as levee reconstruction begins in this small town.

"We're doing everything we can to try and give them some relief," said Erwin. “You know everyone is like family, and they join in to help one another."

And Richard hopes it's fixed sooner, rather than later.

"It's like my kids got to go to school and the bus can't come here because of the water," she said. "I hope they get it done quickly."

And right now, Richard says her family isn't planning anything right now to prepare in case of flooding because she's hoping those levees will be back soon.

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