Lightning suspected cause in Hot Springs house fire

Hot Springs Fire Department suppressing blaze at house in Hot Springs

A nearly 5,000 square-foot home is a total loss after a blaze, which some believe was sparked by lightning, occurred early Thursday afternoon in Hot Springs.

Toni Shaw had just finished eating lunch with her husband when suddenly she heard a loud popping and cracking noise coming from outside. Shaw recognized a storm had just passed overhead.

“My next-door neighbor was screaming fire, fire,” Shaw said. “This was just nothing but just smoke throughout here.”

Shaw called 911, having just witnessed plumes of smoke and flames coming out of the east side of the home located just off Winding Ridge Street in Hot Springs.

Shaw suspects lightning is to blame. She noted a house a couple doors down engulfed in flame due to lightning many years ago.

A multitude of first responders arrived on scene shortly after the initial call.

Crews tackled the fire for several hours as neighbors and the home owners watched the devastation unfold.

Fortunately, no one was inside the home when the fire broke out.

The home owners declined to go on the record with KATV, as they were still processing what had happened.

Hot Springs Fire Chief Ed Davis stressed no official cause has been determined. The Fire Marshal will investigate to find out what happened.

Davis expressed sympathy for the family. Th

“Anytime you lose a large home like this, it’s always a blow to the area,” Davis said. “Good people, the Vicentic’s are great people in the community.IT can always tug at your heart when someone you know has suffered a loss like this.”

Neighbors like Shaw and others are there to support the impacted family during this difficult time.

“A beautiful home just being destroyed, feeling for our neighbors, it’s tragic,” Shaw said.

KATV will provide updates on this story as they become available.

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