Little Rock man's documentary honors slain best friend

Little Rock man makes documentary to honor best friend who was killed in 2014 (KATV Photo)

T. C. Edwards was shot and killed in December of 2014, and four years later, no suspect has been apprehended.

Mike Poe, Edwards’ best friend, found out about the killing from a voicemail.

"We had no idea this would be happening," Poe said.

In his inbox was an unthinkable message. Edwards has been found dead in a garage in Little Rock. He had been murdered.

"I completely screamed,” Poe recalled. “You know, yelled, 'No, no.'"

It's a case that remains open. As of Thursday, no one had been charged in the killing.

Despite not having closure, Poe, a filmmaker, is doing what he does best to honor his friend. He's continuing work on a documentary called “T.C. and Me.” The film is all focused on the man who touched many lives in Little Rock.

"It's a real honor and a privilege to be involved," Ashlie Atkinson, an actress who’s starred in films like “BlacKkKlansman” and TV shows like “Rescue Me” and “One Dollar.”

The Arkansas native recently took some time to be a part of Poe's documentary to remember a great person she had known.

"He was already a legend,” she said. “He was everyone's favorite person."

For everyone who knew him, including Poe, that's how he's remembered.

"This is my life's work,” Poe said. “I've given up love for this, I’ve given up opportunities, moving. But when I give them up, it doesn't feel like a loss to me."

For Poe, Edwards will always be a legend.

Poe hopes to finish the documentary sometime at the end of 2019.

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