Teen identified as victim of fatal shooting at local apartments

Little Rock PD is investigating a shooting at a Little Rock apartment complex April 8.

The Little Rock Police Department is investigating a fatal shooting at a Little Rock apartment complex Friday evening.

Police have identified the victim as 17-year-old Jayden Burgie, a resident of the Briarwood Apartment complex - according to LRPD.

Burgie was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Lt. Steve McClanahan, LRPD public information officer, said Burgie was shot multiple times in the upper torso. McClanahan said as of Friday night, authorities had not identified a motive or a suspect in the case.

A cellphone found at the scene in front of Building #31 was later discovered to belong to the victim.

"We'll take that phone, we'll download the contents of it and see where that's going to take us from an investigative stand-point," said McClanahan. "Of course while we don't have an exact motive right now - we will be looking at every option including the fact that maybe it was drug transaction."

Resident of the Briarwood Apartment complex are no strangers to violent crime. McClanahan said Little Rock Police have had "multiple calls" to the Rodney Parham apartment complex within the last year.

Back in July 2015, two people shot and killed each other at Briarwood Apartments after an apparent drug-deal gone bad. Officers had discovered marijuana, a handgun, as well as shell casings at the scene on July 4.

Also in 2015, Little Rock police detectives investigated a shooting at Briarwood Apartments that sent a 22 year-old woman to the hospital. Police discovered the shooting was the result of a domestic dispute, where the woman's boyfriend ended up shooting her. The suspect Bralelon King, 20, was charged with first-degree domestic battery.

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