Little Rock police investigate after home burglary, gunfire reported on Cantrell Road

Little Rock Police investigating a residential burglary on Cantrell Road (KATV Photo)

Little Rock Police are investigating a suspected burglary after receiving a call of shots fired Monday on Cantrell Road.

According to police, it was a burglary that was either in progress and broken up or some variation of that. Officers responded just before 11 a.m. to a home in the 13400 block of Cantrell Road.

"Information was provided that someone was laying on the ground," department spokesman officer Eric Barnes said.

When police arrived on scene, it turned out no one had been shot but that the person on the ground had suffered lacerations from glass. The person was on the ground inside the home.

"Whenever we were out at the scene,” Barnes said, “there were several people that were just kind of talking and interacting with detectives on scene."

Barnes doesn't think anyone was shot during the incident, only that a gun was fired. The person with lacerations was taken to a hospital where they will be interviewed later.

Barnes couldn’t confirm if the person cut was a victim, witness or suspect.

"Hopefully we'll know more of exactly what all happened and we may have more information later," he said.

Barnes said the area is kind of an odd spot for this to happen.

"That's a big commercial area for us," he said.

Barnes recommended being mindful of who's at your door or near your house to help prevent things like this from happening.

"If you hear or see somebody knocking that's not supposed to be there,” Barnes said, “if there's some type of strange communication between you, go and call the police."

Police have been interviewing several people, including a potential suspect, to get to the bottom of what happened on Cantrell.

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