Little Rock replacing autumn flame maple trees in River Market

The leaves of an autumn flame maple tree along President Clinton Avenue in downtown Little Rock (Photo: KATV)

Little Rock is replacing more than 50 autumn flame maples trees in the River Market District downtown beginning Sunday, the city said in a news release.

The trees, which have leaves that turn red in the fall, are vulnerable to a condition that splits bark and exposes the tree to disease and insects. About 23 of them are dead or dying, according to the release. Eighteen have been recently replaced. Eight tree wells along President Clinton Avenue are empty.

The trees were planted in 1997 as part of a beautification project in the River Market.

The city said the trees will be replaced with presidential gold ginkgo trees. The leaves turn from green to a rich golden-yellow in autumn and will grow from about 10 feet tall to 50 feet tall.

The cost of replacing the trees is $40,200, the release says. Minor traffic disruptions are expected.

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