Little Rock residents ordered to leave after apartments fail to meet city code


The owner of a Little Rock apartment complex says he is working to comply with all city codes, but the fire chief has run out of patience and ordered all residents of Alexander Apartments to leave Monday afternoon.

Fire officials delivered notices to all apartment residents Monday, with the notice informing them that "a majority of buildings in Alexander Apartments at 6310 Colonel Glenn Road didn't meet fire and life-safety codes, creating a hazardous environment for those living there".

The notice gives residents until 5 p.m. on December 28 to move, but apartment owner Jason Bolden says the orders violate due process rights and he is taking the matter to a higher court.

"I hope that the next step is we will seek that injunction and let them know if that injunction is granted," said Bolden. "And at this point it is urgent that I move forward with that and so I need to cut this short."

Bolden says that in the past week, all the smoke detectors and fire extinguishers have been tested and replaced as needed.

He also says he had plumbing and electrical experts ready to testify Monday, but that didn't happen.

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