Little Rock spa closes abruptly, takes thousands from clients

Dozens of customers tell KATV they're out of thousands of dollars, after a Indulgences by Body Bronze in Little Rock closed its doors without notice.

Dozens of customers tell KATV they're out of thousands of dollars after a Little Rock spa closed its doors without notice.

It's still unclear why Indulgences by Body Bronze on Cantrell Road closed its doors Monday, but court records show the owner owes thousands in back taxes as well as money to the state Department of Workforce Services.

According to Pulaski County court records, the owner owes more than $50,000 in back taxes, and more than $17,000 to the Department of Workforce Services. While it’s not been confirmed that this is the reason the business closed, state agencies did confirm to KATV they were not responsible for the closing.

“I’m just angry, it was a lot of money,” said Lydia Bemberg, a former client of the spa.

Bemberg said she still had seven treatments left, and when she showed up for her latest appointment on Monday, she grew frustrated.

"I walked up to the door, there was a sign on there: 'We are temporarily closed, we are sorry,'" said Benberg. “I just got there. I had an appointment. What's the deal? I left a message on the machine, and then a few hours later I got an email saying that they are permanently closed."

The email clients received stated they deeply regret the inconvenience, and their website is already shut down. On social media, there was complaint after complaint from clients wondering why the owner didn't tell them or stop them from making further purchases.

"It was bought on December 12th," said Alicia Bailey. "You didn't go south that quickly in less than a month. You had to have known that there [were] issues."

Autumn Clark, another client, was halfway through a tattoo removal and is now asking for the owner to do the right thing.

"Are you going to make this right to your customers? Are you doing to transfer this somewhere? Are you going to refund our money? How are you going to make this right?” asked Clark.

Channel 7 attempted to contact the owner, but those attempts were unsuccessful.

The attorney general's office did release this statement to KATV:

The Attorney General’s Office has received over 20 complaints since Indulgences by Body Bronze abruptly announced that it was officially closed on Monday. We will be aggressively looking into the matter. Arkansans who prepaid for services not provided by Indulgences by Body Bronze should contact our office.
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