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Little Rock tenants told they owe over $6k, $10k in back rent or face eviction

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Tenants at Ascent at Aldersgate apartments reached out to KATV and said they and several others are facing eviction for unpaid back rent.

Charles Johnson, a two-year resident at the complex, said two weeks ago the office manager was fired from their complex, and shortly after they started receiving notice of rent that was still owed to the complex.

"A lot of us were not really sure what was going on," Johnson said. "They really didn't give us an explanation on what the charges were even after we had shown proof that we had paid rent."

Johnson said his balance as of Thursday showed to be over $6,000, which he said he had paid.

"I've shown receipts, I've shown the money order, they're saying it's not enough proof," Johnson said. "One money order they asked me to go back and find out who cashed it and bring it to them."

Another resident we spoke with echoed a similar situation and said they were told they owed over $10,000.

Johnson said he was told by front office staff that 21 people had been impacted.

"I had a conversation with one of the ladies [at the front office and she said all the accounts were messed up, and she didn't even understand the charges," Johnson said.

Johnson said the situation left him 'uneasy' and said he had considered seeking legal counsel.

KATV called and left a message with B&M Management, LLC but has not heard back.

KATV also went to the front leasing office and was told there was no comment regarding this situation.

In addition, KATV requested information to contact the corporate office or other managers but was told no.

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