Local business uses 21st century technology to help prevent contraband in prisons

Local business uses 21st century technology to help prevent contraband in prisons

Contraband is present in most prison systems across the United States, including right here in Arkansas.

In the past, we've seen people toss materials over jail or prison walls for inmates to use.

"You can't really stop everything from coming into a prison. One thing you can do is secure the perimeter," Chuck Denton, President and CEO of Cellular Data Solutions.

Denton feels he has the solution to this common occurrence.

"We secure the fence around the perimeter where you have a virtual line, if an intruder does come it alerts the warden as well as security guards," said Denton.

That's done through devices like these, which can sense movement from about a thousand feet away by creating an imaginary line around specific perimeters.

If an intruder comes, the prison will know about it.

"They can look at the video live view from any internet device and have an option of pushing a button on their phone, tablet, whatever it may be and sound off a tornado siren and an alarm to deter them away if they can't respond quick enough," Denton said.

Denton showed us live video from a prison using one of his devices.

"Right now we're looking at live footage of outside of a prison right now?” Channel 7 Reporter Nick Popham asked.

“Yes, on the east coast and we're covering the whole perimeter right here from people walking in the woods, walking up to the fence to throw contraband,” Denton said.

“And how much perimeter are we looking at here?” Popham asked.

“This is about 800 feet," Denton said. “Anything they can put out into the field to assist them and better monitor the situation it's definitely a benefit to them."

So far Denton says they're in the preliminary stages but that he's in talks with local jail systems, outdoor recreation, and retailers.

The product is also being used at a park in Cammack Village.

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