Lonoke Co. Sheriff arrests man for second time in a month on drug possession

Lonoke Co. Sheriff arrests man for second time in a month on drug possession

Lonoke County Sheriff John Staley says it happened at this gas station in ward, a site that's all too familiar with this man, John Turnage

"The detective driving through sees him, makes a stop because he doesn't have a driver's license, he's on parole," Sheriff Staley said.

Turnage had been driving a car and had been grabbing some snacks here.

"They talk to him, of course, he's on parole, they do a check, they find this large quantity of methamphetamines, he's arrested for the second time in about 30 days," Sheriff Staley said.

About 33 grams of meth.

And like Sheriff Staley said, this isn't the first run in his agency has had with Turnage.

"He's very well known,” he said, “24 times he's been in our jail. 24 times, that's a large number."

And he's not the only person with a high return rate to the jail.

Sheriff Staley listed some people who have been held eleven, 12, 15, even 34 times at the Lonoke County Jail.

"It's frustrating for me because we're running the jail, and it's the same ones you see over and over," Sheriff Staley said.

With people being charged with similar crimes multiple times, getting sentenced, and then being released early on parole who have then continued that illegal behavior, the sheriff has started posting arrests on the office's Facebook page, as a deterrent and to keep his county in the know.

"We're not trying to embarrass folks but we've got to let the community know what is going on," said Sheriff Staley. "If we don't tell them, they don't know what we're doing. They've got to know."

The sheriff says in just the last week and a half alone, his office has recovered about 200 grams, or about seven ounces, of methamphetamine.

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