LRPD investigating homicide at Boyle Park

LPRD investigating homicide at Boyle Park. (Courtesy: MGN)

UPDATED STORY: There have been two violent incidents in the same area in just a week.

One, a drug deal gone bad that lead to an alleged assault, and the other incident, was two people, driving down a road, that lead to another homicide in the capitol city.

Danielle Lewis and Jasmine Roberts live in Cabot, and while driving through, decided to stop by Boyle Park to let three-year-old Jordan play on the playground.

"We're just out here getting lunch or dinner and we wanted to bring her out here and then you have to worry about people getting hurt," Lewis said.

That's because just before one a.m. Saturday, here on Boyle Park Road, two white males, 47-year-old Charles Harris and 64-year-old Rodney Gilstrap, were driving when a separate vehicle approached and started shooting at them.

Gilstrap suffered minor gunshot wounds, and Harris died in the driver's seat.

"I kind of want to leave," Roberts said. "I have a daughter to think about, I don't want her somewhere where a homicide has been and it's just not safe for children."

This isn't the first time a violent incident has happened in the area.

On March 13th, a man was assaulted after a drug deal had gone wrong at around 12:45 that morning.

"During those late hours, evidently it's a problem area that needs to be addressed immediately," Cynthia Lattin, of Alexander, said.

Lattin visited the park for her nephew's birthday party, but when hearing of the recent incidences, she says she's unsure if she'll come back.

"I wouldn't bring my granddaughter here,” she said. “I wouldn't bring my grandchildren here for fear of anything that might come up."

Lewis and Roberts, say regardless if the incident happened during the day, or at night, they feel the same way as Lattin.

"It could happen to anybody it could be anybody, that could be anybody, especially when it's so close," Roberts said.

Gilstrap, in his statement to police, said that he was unable to identify the description of the car that had the suspects inside.

We reached out to the Little Rock Police, but they declined to give us more information.

PREVIOUS STORY: Little Rock police are investigating a homicide at Boyle Park.

It happened just before 1 a.m. Saturday, according to police.

Officers were dispatched to a shooting at Boyle Park Road. When officers arrived they found a car in the street, near the park's maintenance entrance.

Inside the car, officers located a white male victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was in the driver's seat and was deceased, according to Little Rock police.

Officers located a second victim who was inside the car at the time of the shooting and was suffering a minor gunshot wound. This victim was treated at the scene.

Detectives interviewed the victim with the minor wound. He told police that he and the other victim were driving through the park when unknown subjects, driving an unknown vehicle, started shooting at them.

Once the car stop, the victim suffering from minor gunshot wounds fled. As he was running he could see the driver of his vehicle slumped over behind the steering wheel.

The homicide victim has been identified as Charles Harris, 47, of North Little Rock.

The shooting victim has been identified as Rodney Gilstrap, 64, of Little Rock.

At this time there is no additional suspect information.

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