Rapper Moneybagg Yo's concert in Little Rock canceled

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UPDATE (10/12/17 10:00 p.m.) -- What began with Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner’s letter citing safety concerns, has now ended with that concert being canceled.

We received an email at around 6:30 this evening from the city saying Little Rock's Board of Directors would be holding a special meeting tonight regarding the rapper, MoneyBagg Yo's, concert that was planned for tomorrow night at the Clear Channel Metroplex.

In a little under an hour after that email was sent, we received information from the city saying that that concert was officially canceled and that the meeting wouldn't be happening.

Now this all started when a letter sent to the metroplex from Chief Buckner back on October 5th, saying he was concerned about the concert because of violent incidents that have occurred at MoneyBagg Yo's past shows.

Chief Buckner named shootings at his concerts in Mississippi and Georgia as well as an incident at a rest stop off the new jersey turnpike.

This led to 15 officers being hired for the event, but that apparently didn't make the city feel comfortable enough to let the show go on as planned.

At around nine we received a statement from Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola saying:

"Late this afternoon I, along with members of the Board of Directors, learned of a planned concert featuring a performer with a history of violent incidents at two concerts in the past year as well as a shooting in August of this year that targeted the van in which the performer was riding. While the Little Rock Police Department had obtained intelligence and had been working to increase security, it was my opinion that the concert should not be held. There was no way to guarantee the safety of the audience, to effectively guarantee safety in the large parking lots of the Metroplex and with the State Fair beginning it made no sense to pull police resources from other areas of the city. I began in earnest exploring options for cancelling the concert. These included contacting the promoters and venue and urging them to cancel the concert as well as calling a special Board of Directors meeting for tonight to explore the pursuit of an injunction halting the concert. We have made strides in calming the recent uptick in violent crime in the city and putting this event on, considering the propensity of the performer's past concerts prompting violence, defies all logic. Our law enforcement officers are already doing so much. Since my discussions with the sponsors of the concert, I have learned that the concert has been cancelled and the special meeting is no longer necessary. As public officials, our most important duty is public safety. Public safety will continue to be our top priority for all our citizens as we work together to ensure to the best of our ability the safety of our people."

Now we reached out to Robert Timmons of the metroplex who says he couldn't disclose who decided to cancel the concert but a source from the city tells KATV says it was the metroplex's decision.

MoneyBagg Yo took to twitter to not only say the concert's been canceled, but that he's “misunderstood” and that it's “the story of his life.”

Shootings have taken place at two of MoneyBagg Yo's concerts, one in West Point, Mississippi and the other in Columbus, Georgia.

One person was shot and killed at his concert in Mississippi.

This is video from his concert in Georgia in march when two people were shot.

That shooting taking place as MoneyBagg Yo took the stage.

Most recently, MoneyBagg was involved in a shooting that took place at a rest stop in new jersey.

Even though MoneyBagg concert has been canceled, there will still be heightened security at Jason Aldean’s concert tomorrow at Verizon Arena.


Even though MoneyBagg concert has been canceled, there will still be heightened security at Jason Aldean’s concert tomorrow at Verizon Arena.

UPDATE (10/12/17 7:23 p.m.) -- A spokesperson for the City of Little Rock says Moneybagg Yo's concert for Friday night has been canceled.

The city will no longer hold a special-called meeting that was planned for Thursday night to discuss the upcoming performance.

According to city sources, the concert was canceled by Metroplex management.


ORIGINAL (10/12/17 6:30 p.m.) -- Looking to avoid another Power Ultra Lounge style shooting, Little Rock leaders are holding a special meeting Thursday night to discuss a concert scheduled for the weekend.

The Little Rock City Board of Directors will hold a special called meeting at 9 p.m., a night before Memphis-based rapper Moneybagg Yo is scheduled to perform in the capital city. The city says Moneybagg Yo's recent performances have seen gun violence.

Little Rock Police have requested Clear Channel Metroplex hire additional off-duty officers to staff the concert on Friday. It's an event that's been on the radar of the Little Rock Police Department for weeks.

According to a letter sent from LRPD Chief Kenton Buckner to Metroplex management, "the LRPD Intelligence Division obtained information that causes [Chief Buckner] great concern."

Buckner details several instances of violence connected to Moneybagg Yo concerts within the last year:

"On November 24, 2016, one person was shot and killed at a Moneybagg concert in West Point, Mississippi. The victim was caught in a crossfire with the intended target. On March 11, 2017, two men were shot at a Moneybagg concert in Columbus, Georgia. The shooting took place as he took the stage. Most recently, Moneybagg was involved in a shooting that took place at a rest stop in New Jersey. The van in which he was riding was struck by gunfire and two if his associates were injured. Our intelligence indicates that the shooting occurred because he did not pay a protection fee to the Sex Money Murder Bloods gang."

"We don't want another shooting at a concert, whether it be one person shot or 25 like we had at Power Ultra Lounge," said Lt. Steve McClanahan.

Back in July, LRPD wasn't aware of prior violent episodes at concerts performed by Ricky Hampton, AKA Finesse TwoTymes, the rapper who headlined the concert at Power Ultra Lounge were 25 people were shot and three others were injured in the chaos. Only two off-duty LRPD officers were working outside Power Ultra Lounge - this time McClanahan says it will be different.

"We're going to have 15 uniformed off-duty officers that will be working this event," said McClanahan, adding that the officers will be working inside the venue.

McClanahan said officers that would normally be working mandatory overtime during the concert will be monitoring traffic or any other concerns outside the venue. LRPD wouldn't confirm or deny if there would be plain-clothes officers scattered around the venue as well.

Moneybagg Yo's manager told KATV he wasn't aware of the requirements for additional security, however he said he's thrilled to know there will be additional police presence at the venue on Friday. Moneybagg's manager said he respects the police and are often more reliable than private security.

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