LRPD gains 22 new officers


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- Little Rock Police gained 22 new officers Friday; all now badged and ready to serve the citizens of Little Rock.

“I’m ready to get on the streets,” said Officer Scottie Lackland.

Lackland, who also served in the military police, is more than ready for this next chapter in life.

“In the past 24 weeks, our amazing training staff put me through quite a bit to get me ready for the streets of Little Rock,” Lackland added.

Getting through the training and finally making it to graduation day has Lackland feeling like he can take on the world.

“I am so happy it’s finally over,” he said.

Lackland looks forward to patrolling, but he’s also got his eyes set on the SWAT team ad working in special investigations in the future.

“It was intense. It was eye-opening for sure, but it was well-needed, and I think they do a good job covering all areas. I feel well-prepared for the streets,” Micah Miller said.

Miller never planned on becoming a police officer until a relative inspired him.

“he kind of persuaded me to see the other side of the badge that I hadn’t seen before,” Miller explained.

“We’re going to have more police officers on the streets protecting our citizens and making sure that we’ve got an opportunity for safety in our community,” Mayor Mark Stodola said.

LRPD still has about 25 officer positions to fill, but Mayor Stodola says a recruitment class of about 25 starts this month.

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