LRPD looking for suspects in 'smash-and-grab' burglary at Moe's Southwest Grill

Little Rock police are looking for the burglars who stole a safe in a "smash and grab" burglary at Moe's Southwest Grill. (Photo: KATV)

Around 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Little Rock police say burglars broke into Moe's Southwest Grill on Chenal Parkway using a common method.

"We've noticed they've been shutting off power to the businesses," said Lt. Michael Ford, public information officer with the Little Rock Police Department.

First, the electricity to the restaurant was cut.

Next, the restaurant safe was taken out of the building. The burglars took off with an unknown amount of cash.

While employees came in around 7:00 a.m. and tampered with the area, detectives were able to get fingerprints from an office door and filing cabinet.

Lt. Ford tells Channel 7, police have been seeing an uptick in “smash and grab" burglaries.

There have been 12 within the last month.

"We don't believe it's the same group as this one, but we have seen a pattern of more smash and grabs where safes have been taken from businesses," said Lt. Ford.

However, detectives believe the same people who smashed through the glass door of Moe's did the same thing at Tacos for Life in Conway. Surveillance video caught those burglars in the act.

"Just looking at the video, [it’s] probably the same mode of what they did in Conway and what they did down here,” said Lt. Ford.

LRPD has two tips for businesses:

1. Even if you think a call is a false alarm, make sure the alarm company is called and someone is sent out.

2. Have a back-up battery for the alarm. That way, it's still wired for sound and will alert the alarm company.

Detectives are still in the process of trying to get surveillance video from Moe's to try and identify the suspects.

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