LRSD parents and teachers hold rally outside Governor's Mansion

Teacher Rally.png

Over 100 people lined up on 18th street outside the Governor's Mansion, showing support for the Little Rock Education Association as they continue to negotiate teacher contracts. A contested issue on the table is the due process clause.

"We're trying to make sure that an administrator just can't walk in the room and fire us without process," said Teresa Harper, a teacher in the Little Rock School District. 22 of the 48 little rock schools have been deemed in academic distress. By taking away the due process clause for teachers in those 22 schools, an administrator does not need to follow certain procedures in order to fire a teacher. "As parents, we have to back up our teachers. We have to understand that the welfare of our teachers and them having rights is extremely important because it translates to the classroom. It translates to our students," said LRSD parent Vicki Hatter.

So they're asking the little rock school district to keep the due process clause in contracts and provide more help to the struggling schools. And they'll do so by any means necessary. Harper said, "It doesn't matter, rain, sleet, or snow, we're going to stand up for our rights. Because its' not right for us to have to spend, most of us, 10 years getting an education and being certified, to just be dismissed and not have a voice. That's not fair to us."

Earlier this evening, the Little Rock School District provided an update to the negotiations. They did not reach an agreement today and will reconvene Tuesday, November 6th.

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