Manslaughter arrest made in death of Texas man at Arkansas festival

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An Arkansas suspect has been arrested after a Texas man was reportedly strangled at a Greenbrier music festival.

Luke Ferguson, the prosecuting attorney for the Twentieth Judicial District, says Jacob Tschopp faces a charge of manslaughter. He was arrested Tuesday and had his first appearance before a judge Wednesday morning.

According to Ferguson, the Faulkner County Sheriff's Office originally arrested Anthony Flick, 34, for manslaughter in the case, but once the investigative file was reviewed, Ferguson's office formally charged Flick with aggravated assault instead.

In April, the sheriff's office said Flick was working as security personnel for the Flux Festival when he told a deputy there was a problem with one of the attendees, who appeared to be asleep in the road.

The deputy went to check on the man, identified as 24-year-old Austin Dodson of Texas, and said he was unresponsive. After closer examination, the deputy noticed Dodson's face was discolored and he was not breathing.

He was taken to the Baptist Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

The State Crime Lab says an autopsy revealed he died from choke-hold strangulation due to the internal hemorrhaging of his neck.

According to an affidavit, authorities obtained video surveillance from the festival that showed Flick and other security personnel in a crew cab utility vehicle with Dodson.

The affidavit states Dodson is seen having a conversation with Flick, who becomes aggressive and removes Dodson from the back seat of the vehicle by "grabbing the back of his head and forcefully taking him to the ground."

The affidavit states Flick put Dodson in a choke-hold for approximately 13 seconds. Shortly after, Dodson attempts to get up but is forced back to the ground by two other unknown security staff members while Flick motions for a third male to leave the scene.

According to the time on the video, the two unidentified security staff members restrained Dodson for four minutes and fifteen seconds, the affidavit states.

At this time, Flick is seen leaving the camera's view and it was later determined he went to get the deputy, according to authorities.

"No movement is observed from the victim after this point in the video," the affidavit states.

On April 23, a man went to police saying he was one of the security staff members that was down on the ground with Dodson after Flick went to get the deputy. He claimed Flick told them not to let Dodson up and to keep him on the ground.

He further claimed another security staff member known as "Jake" immediately got on top of Dodson's "upper back area close to his head." The security staff member later positively identified Tschopp as "Jake" out of a photo lineup.

At this time, Flick and Tschopp are the only two people with charges filed against them, but the investigation is ongoing.

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