Many Arkansas counties will be implementing new voting machines for November election

Many Arkansas counties will be implementing new voting machines for November election

When the voting machines that have been used by many of Arkansas' counties were first installed, the iPhone was still a year away from its release.

The Secretary of State's office is wanting out with the old, and in with the new.

It's about that time.

"This is a problem for states across the country," Chris Powell, press secretary for the Secretary of State’s office, said.

The problem is antiquated voting machines.

Pieces of technology that are now about a dozen years old, running on old software.

"We want reliable machines that aren't going to fail, that aren't old, obsolete," Powell said.

This is the solution.

These machines are fully equipped with modern technology and are currently being used in 21 Arkansas counties.

"We hope to have two thirds of the state voting on new equipment by November," Powell said.

And he says they're easy to use.

Each voter is given a ballot, "they'll put a barcode on it that corresponds to your ballot style," said Powell.

Then you insert it into the machine, your voting choices will pop up.

Make your selections and that paper ballot will pop back out with your votes.

"You can see what you've voted for," Powell said. "It's super easy and we're really excited about this technology."

Powell says it's saving counties money, and will be the next big step for modern voting in the natural state.

"It's really streamlining the whole process not only for the election workers and the voters but also budget wise as well," said Powell.

Pulaski and Saline counties won't be a part of the 52 implementing these machines in November, primarily, due to budgetary constraints.

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