Mayflower High School teacher facing charge of sexual assault


MAYFLOWER, Ark. (KATV) -- A Mayflower High School teacher is facing a charge of first degree sexual assault. 31-year-old Jessica Kaplan was arrested Tuesday after Mayflower Police Department investigated a report of sexual contact between a teacher and a student.

But while parents are upset by the situation, they say they're even more upset that they weren't notified about it.

"With her being an authority, she ought to have been able to say no," says a grandmother of a Mayflower Junior High student.

It was on Monday when Mayflower police began looking into the situation. Kaplan was arrested shortly after police announced the investigation.

"What would make her want to have sex with another child?" the grandmother questioned.

Under Arkansas law, first degree sexual assault occurs when a person engages in sexual intercourse or sexual activity with a minor. It also specifies the person is in a "position of trust or authority over the victim."

"Whether it be a teacher, a Sunday school teacher, anything. It makes you very uneasy," she said.

But what the Mayflower grandmother is most uneasy about, she tells KATV, is the fact that she found out about the incident through social media and not the school.

"What else is going to go on here that they're hiding from us? It could be somebody up here holding them hostage, and would they let us know?" she asked.

KATV reached out to Mayflower Public Schools for comment, but didn't get an answer by news time.

Kaplan was being held in the Faulkner County Jail; she bonded out Wednesday afternoon.

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